UZINA DE VAGOANE AIUD SA,  is a workshop for repair and maintenance of railway wagons, subassemblies and spare parts for rolling stock.

•    Planned repairs freight wagons series: Sgns, Habis, Laaers, Falns, Eacs, Eanos, Uagps, Zas, Zaes, Rgs, Eakkmos, Tads
•    New housing Eanos made by our own project homologated by Romanian Rail Authority, transformation of Eacs wagon in Eanos type
•    Manufacture special parts for rolling stock
•    Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures, welded assemblies, plasma metal cutting, reconditioning metal parts;
•    Paint work: industrial and civil, epoxy and polyurethane paint system, grouting / grinding, sand-blasting.
•    Execution of projects, studies and drawings workstations and software Pro/ENGINEER, OFFICE.

We have all required facilities for construction of new freight wagons and repair processes also a laboratory tests and non-destructive testing as  RX, MP, PL, metallographic control, heat treatment.



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